More pictures

Appu with his new favorite toy, the baby comb. Thankfully he likes to chew on it, otherwise it would have been a really useless purchase. Please note also his new smashing diaper cover!

And here another picture of Appu, also known as The Happy Crawler. I really like these two photos, I had a good shooting session.


Shal said...

incredibly cute pictures, Nora! Glad to see he's doing well again after teething! - or not?!

e. said...

He is doing better, but no teeth yet. He just has these painful looking bulges on his gums, but his smile is still toothless... Maybe in the end his dad will be able to witness both the first steps and the first tooth?

Anonymous said...

ma quanto รจ bello??? stupendo!!! Francesca

e. said...

Uhm, non zia Francesca, presumo...

aRuNdHaTi said...

he'z so cute i miss him soooo much.. .. I LOVE U!!! plzz give em a BIG hug frome me!an the free kiss that goes with it.. (hahaha)
you'r awesome coZ

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