A bit off topic, but not too much

For once, instead of telling you about something that little Rajiv has done or said - not much, in fact - I want to share with you something that I saw on Monday at the doctor's office. It was a neat poster and, power of Google, it only took a minute to find it online. I don't care much for the design, but I think it's a nice message.

Ok, enough with the feminist propaganda now, I have to go wash the dishes and prepare the lunch bag for my son... :)


MMM... Cioccolato!

Oggi Appu ha assaggiato il suo primo (piccolo frammento di) biscotto al cioccolato, ed e' decisamente piaciuto!

Today Appu has had his first taste of a chocolate cookie and he definitely enjoyed it!



11 month update:

Non mi sono dimenticata il complimese, sono solo in ritardo con il blog come al solito...
Cosa dire di questo bimbo che ormai ha quasi un anno? Le ultime novita':

  • Appu loves drinking water from a glass. He always laughs when the water touches his mouth. Sometimes he drinks, sometimes he lets the water in and out of his mouth, sometimes he just bites the glass, but it's always great fun.

    A Rajiv piace moltissimo bere acqua da un bicchiere o se non ha sete, farsi rotolare l'acqua addosso. In entrambi i casi seguono sempre grosse risate!

  • He loves sucking endlessly on pieces of frozen bread - baguette and similar, sliced and frozen for his use.

    Gli piace anche succhiare e mordicchiare pezzi di pane congelato, probabilmente per via delle gengive doloranti. Comunque anche non congelato il pane e' al momento uno dei suoi pochi cibi graditi.

  • He walks a bit every now and then, but he hasn't really progressed past a couple of steps at a time yet. (Note: I wrote that this morning and of course he immediately started walking much more!) However, he is beginning to enjoy talking longer walks holding mommy's hand, both indoor and outdoor - in the late but wonderful Canadian spring!

    Il nostro piccolo Appu comincia a prendere gusto a camminare - da solo, pochi passi alla volta, o tenendomi la mano - e in questo caso non si limita a camminare, vuole correre!

  • He has figured out that if the door of a cupboard is closed probably the stuff inside is very interesting - or at least potentially very dangerous, which is the same thing. More baby-proofing to be done soon.

    Uno dei suoi hobby piu' recenti e' aprire gi sportelli degli armadietti, specialmente se contengono detersivi, ma si accontenta anche di svuotare la dispensa all'occasione.

  • He now knows what are the things he is not supposed to do, like going in the bathroom or touching some electric stuff and he seems to try and do this things only when mommy is nearby, to be chased. He finds it hilarious and if I don't run after him immediately he normally pauses to look mischievously at me before making a run for it. Lots of fun for both of us!

    Sa benissimo quali sono le cose che non puo' fare - tipo andare in bagno a mettere le mani nel water... - e tende a cercare di farle soprattutto quando sa che lo vedo. Gli piace moltissimo farsi rincorrere, anche perche' sa che quando lo acchiappo lo faccio piroettare un po' in aria, cosi' a volte se non lo seguo subito si ferma ad aspettarmi e mi guarda con occhi malandrini prima di riprendere la sua corsa. Questo e' uno dei nostri giochi preferiti prima di andare a dormire.

  • He has learned to raise himself on the tip of his toes to empty shelves that would be a bit too high or reach for things on a table. Endless possibilities here...

    Non pago di tutto cio', ha anche imparato ad alzarsi in punta di piedi per raggiungere gli scaffali e i tavoli piu' alti. Qui le possibilita' sono infinite...


Mischief managed!

Or, Little Rajiv And The Raiders Of The Recycling Bin.

Tutto tace e la mamma sta lavorando tranquillamente al computer, ma dov'e' il piccolo Rajiv? E soprattutto, quanta carta sara' riuscito ad ingoiare prima di essere scoperto?


Photos from Italy - Pasqua

Easter pictures, at my parents' place featuring Little Rajiv, parents, grandparents, aunt, great grandmother and great aunt!


Photos from Italy - amici a due zampe

I'm back! After the long break imposed on us by illness and related laundry challenges - don't ask - I am now hoping in a couple of days to finish uploading the pictures taken in Italy and then move on.

So here we go.

The first two were taken in a cafe (in Via Po, just for the record) with my friend Andrea. Appu and his dad are playing with dad's new juggling balls.

Here instead we are at my friend Anna's lovely apartment. The other people - apart from the obvious - are Anna's boyfriend Paolo and my friend Francesca.

Next we have Rajiv with his grandmother. She is happily holding at first, until his interest in her necklace creates a bit of a concern...

Next two pictures are taken at our place. Rajiv discusses ducks with my aunt and a bit later my mom plays with Rajiv in one of her favorite positions. (She was a cat in her previous life.)

Last two pictures were taken at the park Valentino, during an improvised picnic.


Feeling better

At least little one is, the mom will still need a couple of days probably. Anyhow, once again we have survived the terrible curse of the germ-sharing at daycare, what's next?

Stiamo meglio. Appu e' quasi del tutto guarito e anche io spero di essere di nuovo in forma in un paio di giorni.


Still sick

Ancora ammalato, povero...


Un bimbo ammalato

Little one is not doing too well right now. It's not clear what the cause is, but he has a fever and a runny nose and some vomit and diarrhea. He is also teething - tooth number four is out and my impression is that he might be working on number five and six at the moment. He started being sick yesterday, we didn't have a good night and the one ahead looks no different. :(

Il piccolino non sta bene. Un misto di febbre, raffreddore, vomito, diarrea, altri denti in arrivo e chi piu' ne ha piu' ne metta. Povero Rajiv e povera mamma...


Photos from Italy - amici a quattro zampe - un'aggiunta

My aunt has finally found a playmate at her level! :)


"So when do you work?"

Ecco Rajiv addormentato e raggomitolato nel suo box in ufficio mentre la mamma cerca di lavorare un po'.

My little cute kid sleeping soundly in the playpen we keep in the office, while mommy does her best not to waste this gifted time.

peanut progress

pregnancy week by week