Tough life

Il piccolo principe si era appena svegliato dal suo riposino pomeridiano, un po' di cattivo umore e probabilmente affamato (non sia mai!). Con prontezza abbiamo messo in atto le misure di emergenza: comoda postazione sul divano con coperta a portata di mano, video preferito con la mucca, orsacchiotti giganti (entrambi soprannominati PA-PI per qualche strana ragione), pasta col pesto avanzata e riscaldata ma non troppo (qui trovare l'equilibrio giusto e' un'arte). Aggiungiamo poi un servizio fotografico completo e la possibilita' di fare varie smorfie e rivederle sullo schermo. Vita dura eh, piccolo Appu?

Our little prince had just woken up from his afternoon nap and he was dangerously cranky and hungry from having almost skipped his lunch. Emergency measures were immediately taken: comfortable seat on the couch with blanket at hand, favorite farm-themed video (COW!), giant teddy bears (PA-PI!), left-over pasta with pesto (PAS!) reheated but not too much (otherwise it's OT and then one has to spit it out, right?) . Add mom taking pictures, giving the chance to try different poses and grins. Tough life, don't you think?


Conversations before bed

Appu- NEEN!
Dad- Well Appu, for someone who spent the first year of his life saying GU, you could say GREEN, or at least GEEN.
Appu (happy)- NEEN!!
Dad- No no, Appu. GEEN.
Appu (still happy)- NEEN! NEEEN!!
Dad- G-G-G-G... GEEN!
Appu (very happy)- G-G-G-G-G!!
Appu (ecstatic)- GA-GA-G-G-GU-GA-GU... NEEN!


Bye Bye Bed :(

In preparation for the arrival of the new baby we have decided to substitute our trusted Ikea futon bed with a king size bed (american terminology only, maybe? it just means a larger bed). This was an absolute necessity if we are to sleep in four in the same bed. Already now most of the space seems to be taken by just one person, with the other two pushed to the edges of the bed. No need to say who that person is... Anyway, as of tonight, we are sleeping on a regular bed, like everybody else. No more mattress almost on the floor, with frame as mere decoration at 3cm above the floor. I feel sad, although Appu and S. don't seem to share the feeling.

In memory of the older bed (Picture from 25/02/08, ages ago!):


We have a winner!

Abbiamo pensato al nome per un maschio e - ci dispiace nonna - il nome non sara' Atticus. Che cosa ne diresti invece di Niccolo' Kabir? Attendiamo commenti.

We are still a bit undecided about the girl's name, but for a boy we would like to propose

Niccolo' Kabir Ashok


The Great Canadian Spring

This however, should be the last big snowstorm of the season. Soon Appu should be able to start riding his "carrrrr" more regularly.

La primavera ha fatto una breve apparizione e poi ci ha lasciati sotto la neve. Presto comunque non ci saranno piu' ostacoli tra Appu e la sua macchinina rossa!

Note: These pictures were taken today morning. Since then many more centimeters of snow have accumulated and we don't seem to see the end of it. But as I said, this is the last one, so cheer up!


Time to empty the memory card

Un po' di foto dell'ultimo mese e mezzo circa. Nelle prime due siamo a Torino e Appu indossa felicemente le bellissime scarpe verdi della mamma.

The first two pictures are from our Italy trip last month and Appu is happily walking around in his mom's beautiful green shoes.

Ancora a Torino, Appu con il suo papa'.

Do we need to comment on this one?

Le scarpe di mamma hanno tanti utilizzi, per esempio possono servire a contenere la collezione di macchinine. Purtroppo non ho una foto di Appu in queste scarpe, ma vi assicuro che lui cammina benissimo anche con i tacchi alti.

Still in Torino, mommy's shoes put to a more creative use. Appu liked to wear these ones too, but regrettably I don't have photographic proof of it. Nor do I have pictures of the party here in Canada when a girl made him wear her high heeled boots...

Le altre foto invece sono tutte dal Canada, fresche di ieri.

The remaining pictures instead are from Waterloo, and specifically from our kitchen, taken yesterday.

Appu gioca co il suo "tu-tuuuuuu" (sopra) e con la sua "bak" (sotto).

Appu plays with his "tu-tuuuuuu" (above) and with his "bak" (below).

E questo e' tutto per ora. Saluti dal Canada innevato.

That's all from now. Greetings from frosty Canada.

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