Bye Bye Bed :(

In preparation for the arrival of the new baby we have decided to substitute our trusted Ikea futon bed with a king size bed (american terminology only, maybe? it just means a larger bed). This was an absolute necessity if we are to sleep in four in the same bed. Already now most of the space seems to be taken by just one person, with the other two pushed to the edges of the bed. No need to say who that person is... Anyway, as of tonight, we are sleeping on a regular bed, like everybody else. No more mattress almost on the floor, with frame as mere decoration at 3cm above the floor. I feel sad, although Appu and S. don't seem to share the feeling.

In memory of the older bed (Picture from 25/02/08, ages ago!):

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Shal said...

Here's a thought.

Move the kids into their own damn room.

*says weary mother of two bed imperialists, who have now successfully ousted their mother and exiled her to the kids room.*

Gah! All we do for sleep and domestic peace.

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