Ordinary daily activities of a one year old

Many thanks to all those who sent their birthday wishes for little Appu, either on the blog or otherwise. I haven't gotten around to writing an appropriate birthday post yet, saying all that is wonderful and irresistible about our little toddler, so I will try and summarize everything with a picture.

Happy first birthday piccolo Rajiv!



This will partially explain why I haven't managed to blog much recently. (But no, it's not what you are thinking, not yet...)

In fact most of you already know it, I think, but for those who don't, here it is:

We bought a house!!

It's an old house that needs some work done, so we are spending most of our time selecting the tiles to go with the clawfoot tub and chasing contractors around.

We get the house next week and we will probably move towards the end of June.

Feel free to congratulate us...



S. joined us last week and after only a couple of days we flew to the Rocky Mountains for a conference at Banff. It's really beautiful here and I will probably show you some pictures soon, but for the moment here we are, together with the other conference participants. By the way, the last one to the right in the front row is my ex advisor Emanuel.

S. ci ha raggiunti in Canada la settimana scorsa, giusto in tempo per accompagnarci ad una conferenza a Banff sulle Montagne Rocciose. Qui potete vedere me e il piccolino insieme agli altri partecipanti. Nota: l'ultimo a destra in prima fila e' il mio relatore di dottorato Emanuel (!).


Walking evidence

In the first video Rajiv is taking a few steps in the living room - you can hear S's voice because we were talking to him on Skype.

The second video was taken later at night and you can already see some progress!

Rajiv rocks!

I mean walks... All around the house, and he is so excited about it!

Aiuto, il piccolo Rajiv cammina per tutta la casa!

peanut progress

pregnancy week by week