S. joined us last week and after only a couple of days we flew to the Rocky Mountains for a conference at Banff. It's really beautiful here and I will probably show you some pictures soon, but for the moment here we are, together with the other conference participants. By the way, the last one to the right in the front row is my ex advisor Emanuel.

S. ci ha raggiunti in Canada la settimana scorsa, giusto in tempo per accompagnarci ad una conferenza a Banff sulle Montagne Rocciose. Qui potete vedere me e il piccolino insieme agli altri partecipanti. Nota: l'ultimo a destra in prima fila e' il mio relatore di dottorato Emanuel (!).


Emiliano said...

Banff? :-)

e. said...

Lo so... :-D

Anonymous said...

... lo so che non c'entra niente con questa fotografia, ma ......... BUON COMPLEANNO, PICCOLO RAJIV !!!!!!!!


Dileep said...

Happy birthday, Piccolo.

Lots of love,
Deepu and Shiv

shal said...

when does the birthday post come up, my dears?????

Anonymous said...

non sono stata a banff... ma li vicino... a jasper... piccolo il mondo, vero? :)

Francesca C. said...

OPS,l'anonymous ero io

Anonymous said...

Some ifo please!! I am of Italian ancestery. My name was Raggiunti. Csn you tell me what part of Italy I am from??
Please help. My father died when I was 10 moths old & I am 57 years old now.
His family, the Raggiunti's, settled in Penn. in the 1920's. All of my relatives are lost to me.
Thank you.

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