Photos from Italy - amici a due zampe

I'm back! After the long break imposed on us by illness and related laundry challenges - don't ask - I am now hoping in a couple of days to finish uploading the pictures taken in Italy and then move on.

So here we go.

The first two were taken in a cafe (in Via Po, just for the record) with my friend Andrea. Appu and his dad are playing with dad's new juggling balls.

Here instead we are at my friend Anna's lovely apartment. The other people - apart from the obvious - are Anna's boyfriend Paolo and my friend Francesca.

Next we have Rajiv with his grandmother. She is happily holding at first, until his interest in her necklace creates a bit of a concern...

Next two pictures are taken at our place. Rajiv discusses ducks with my aunt and a bit later my mom plays with Rajiv in one of her favorite positions. (She was a cat in her previous life.)

Last two pictures were taken at the park Valentino, during an improvised picnic.

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