Daycare arrangements

In case you were wondering, these are our present daycare arrangements:

Monday - No daycare, Rajiv spends all day with mom
Tuesday - Rajiv goes to daycare: I try and drop him around 10:00 AM, I send some time there with him and reach the office by 11:00 for the weekly string theory seminar. I go back and pick him up at around 2:00 PM and then we spend some more time in the office together before going home.
Wednesday - We spend the morning at home and go to the institute for lunch (free buffet on wednesdays!), then we return home and wait for Kelly who arrives at 1:30. She stays until 4:30 and I try and spend some productive (almost too funny...) time in the office.
Thursday - Rajiv goes to daycare again for three or four hours. There is nothing scheduled for me on Thursdays, so I just drop him when we feel like it.
Friday - Kelly comes again in the afternoon to look after Rajiv while I attend the strings group meeting. She comes at 1:30 and stays until 3:30, more or less. Then I pick up Rajiv from home and we go back to the institute where we socialize a bit at the weekly wine and cheese event (neither wine nor cheese for us though, we just go there to hang around and look cute).

Weekend with mom, of course.

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Per chi se lo stesse chiedendo, la settimana di Rajiv al momento e' organizzata cosi':

Lunedi' - Tutto il giorno con la mamma, a casa o in ufficio.
Martedi' - Al nido dalle 10:00 alle 14:00 circa, cosi' la mamma puo' andare al seminario di stringhe e anche lavorare un po'. Dopo il nido si sta ancora un po' in ufficio e poi si va a casa.
Mercoledi' - La mattina a casa, il pranzo in istituto (c'e' un buffet ogni mercoledi') e poi di nuovo a casa ad aspettare la babysitter Kelly. Rajiv sta con Kelly dalle 13:30 alle 16:30, mentre la mamma e' in ufficio.
Giovedi' - Nido, per tre o quattro ore, poi un po' di tempo in ufficio.
Venerdi' - Kelly sta con Rajiv dalle 13:30 alle 15:30 mentre la mamma partecipa al meeting settimanale del gruppo di stringhe. Poi vado a prendere Rajiv e lo porto con me in istituto dove socializziamo un po' al rinfresco di fine settimana.

Sabato e domenica con la mamma, un po' a casa e un po' in ufficio.

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Rada said...

Hello Nora!

Good to know Rajiv is slowly getting back to being his cheerful self!

Take Care!

"The bearded uncle!"

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