Here we are...

Don't worry, it's not always this cold, but it seems we have a few icy days ahead. We are well protected though, one of these days I might post a picture of how we go around in the great Canadian outdoors (ehm, I mean between here and the office...).

We reached Waterloo last Saturday after a very long journey, 22 hours of flight and many little airport adventures. The trip wasn't as bad as I had anticipated, but neither me nor the little one were in our best mood. Rajiv took a little while to adjust to the new environment, but very soon he was happily exploring all the most dangerous corners of the house.

Facts of notice in the past week:
  • We seem to have overcome jet-lag at last! At first little one was going to bed "for the night" around lunch time, but yesterday evening he slept a little after seven.
  • We went to the daycare center a couple of times and I left Rajiv there alone for a bit more than an hour. He loves the place, at lest now that it's still all new. There are lots of toys and the kids are mostly older than him (they keep together children up to 18 months), so they are quite interactive. There is a kid that likes pulling his hair though, and made him cry twice while I was there. It's horrible, but little one didn't allow this to keep him sad for more than a few seconds.
  • Rajiv also met again his babysitter Kelly and seemed to recognize her. He is very happy when he sees her and they seem to be having a good time together.
  • Yesterday we went to an "open house" social event at the institute and there were lots of activity for kids. We took part in a demonstrative music class for babies and children and we had fun. Little one liked a little drum very much and played it for a while (and chewed on the stick naturally). Overall it was a very nice afternoon.
  • Even at home Rajiv is expanding his musical talents. He plays the xylophone by lifting is and letting it fall back on the ground. He seems to be very amused by the sounds he can produce this way. I am also showing him how to leave the xylophone on the floor and drop small blocks and plastic objects on it instead. He likes that, but not as much as dropping the instrument itself. (By the way, I really wonder what we did with the xylophone stick...)
That's all for now. I still have lots of pictures from India to show, so I might post those next.


Shal said...

Eleanora! Been thinking of you and Rajiv a lot lately.. glad to know thats things are going well!

We're off to Norway in another 10 days. Hopefully I can get down to blogging then!

Kisses to the adorable bambino!

suju said...

shalu .. i know eleonora will never say it outright but before you hurt her deeply (in a way incomprehensible to us): her name is eleonora [with an "o"] .. :-)

p.s. see you friday night.

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