Names - again - II

A significant number of people whose opinion we value has suggested the name Rohan instead of Roan (or Rowan). As a matter of fact, that was our initial idea as well, but then I proposed we modified it to Roan to make it easier on the Italians who notoriously mess up their 'h's. I didn't even know the name Roan actually existed, but since it turned out that it does (and the variant Rowan is even the name of an actor that S greatly admires) then it seemed settled. I also like that Roan/Rowan comes from the name of a tree - now I couldn't tell you which one, but something that grows in Ireland and has red berries on it.

I guess Rohan is still a possibility, but in the last decade lots of babies have received that name in honor of The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien's shadow would always hang on the little one.

Anyway, I think we will put aside Niccolo', for the reasons I already mentioned. I don't think most people could pronounce it right and I wouldn't enjoy having him called Nick by all his friends. Nonna Laura seems to be very excited about the middle name Ernesto (her mother was called Ernestina, after an older half brother Ernesto who died in World War I, so lots of family history there), so we might keep that.

At first I really wanted an Italian name for this baby, but if we end up living in India I don't want one of them to always feel that he fits in less than his brother because of his strange name. I know it is not a big deal, but this is the kind of stuff that sometimes matters to kids, so why risk it.


Roan Ernesto Ashok?
Rowan Ernesto Ashok?
Rohan Ernesto Ashok?


Shal said...

Def. number 3. Though I don't love the Ernesto (reminds me of a grumpy ole man for some reason), I can fully appreciate the reasons for wanting it. Moving on to the meaningful and all..

And living in india? really? what will happen to the lovely claw foot tub in Canada?:-(

e. said...

Well, I said IF, but who am I kidding? Now I am sobbing inconsolably thinking about the claw foot tub...

Rada said...

As Sujay knows very well, I am an expert when it comes to suggesting baby names. For Sujay and his brothers when they were born, I suggested some exotic and colourful names, which due to some strange reason I could never really fathom, my sister rejected rather curtly! ;-)

So I shall maintain a dignified silence!

desigirl said...

Rohan, pliss!

(Hopped here from Shal's blog)

Suzarin said...

How about RUHAAN? Problem is, it means 'spiritual'.


e. said...

Auntie, that was such a good suggestion! Unfortunately we registered the birth yesterday, so Rohan Ernesto it is... We hope you like it. :)

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