It's a boy!

Or so it seems... the ultrasound technician said it was quite clear. (This should disprove once and for all the flat belly/ pointy belly theory.)

Of course now we are having second thoughts about the name, so suggestions are welcome and we will keep you updated on our indecisions.

E il responso dell'ecografia e'... e' un maschio! Un piccolo fratellino per il piccolo Appu. Siamo di nuovo indecisi sul nome, quindi suggerite pure.


Emiliano said...

Non รจ che nella famiglia di Sujay hanno solo cromosomi Y? :-)
Pronti per la guerra del nome!

Mom Gone Mad said...

LOL! at Emiliano's comment!!

Well, the viking is also a one chromosome (trick) pony - so welcome to THAT club.

Rajiv and his brother are gonna love each other!

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