Poked... :(

Today morning we went to the doctor for Appu's 15 months vaccines (just a bit late, as usual - that's us... ). He didn't have much fun but seems to have recovered fine. He is also teething though, so we might have a rough night ahead of us, we shall see.

At the doctor's our little one was also weighed and measured. He weighs around 10.5 Kg and is 84 cm "tall". In case you care, he is in the 25th percentile for weight and in the 75th percentile for height: lean and tall, in short!

In other news, I found my camera and memory card reader today. They weren't really hidden, but somehow we couldn't find them and that is one of the many excuses for why there have been no pictures posted for ages. What excuse will I find next? Stay tuned...


Shal said...

ummas to our darling Appu! Poor baby. Our headset has upped and deaded and we're going hunting for new and improved technology tommorow. hopefully, we'll skype then! (see how I employ skype as a verb?- my uber-coolness is killing me!)

suju said...

yes, as my irish friend would have noted sadly (nodding wisely), another noun has been verbed ..

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