Italian family

When you thought they would not come anymore, here they are: a few pictures from Italy!

In the first two our little hero is at my aunt's place, playing with her super-cute puppy shaped cushions. Appu loved my aunt's house so full of little glass objects and every sort of expensive and very fragile things... - we had to be faster than lightning to keep everything safe. In spite of that apparently now she misses him. Go figure... :)

The next pictures instead were taken at the airport the day we left.

My mom had a great time with Appu. They went to the park once while we were busy at the university for S's talk and apparently she demonstrated baby somersaults for him and even got him to try it once. Unfortunately we do not have pictures of that. Here they are together in a more quiet moment.

We end with a family picture. After several attempts and pictures we better not make public, I managed to trick my dad into smiling. Here we are!

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures with my sister, we will have to remedy it next time.

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