Daycare update

Rajiv si sta trovando molto bene al suo nuovo nido "casalingo". Va da una signora di nome Sally, che guarda lui e tre o quattro altri bambini a seconda dei giorni. Da quando abbiamo cambiato nido non e' piu' triste di salutarci al mattino, che sollievo!

Today Rajiv and I had our longest separation so far. We dropped him at Sally's house at around 9 and we picked him up at 3:30. Apparently he was fine, he napped easily at the same time as the other kids and didn't cry at all. He really seems to enjoy this new daycare solution and this is such a relief.

There are three or four other kids there, depending on the day. They are all older than him so he has fun trying to imitate them. For example there is a small toddler sized slide and after seeing the other kids he is now sliding down on his own, without help. Mommy is so proud...

He is going to be at Sally's every day from now on, until our next big trip in December. We are so happy that this seems to be working out!

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