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When we went to Calicut last time we bought a CD of Malayalam songs and poetry for children. In fact I am quite proud to say that I picked it myself, with my amazing shopping instinct that breaks through the barriers of language... Anyway, it seemed like a good thing to try, since we are always looking for tools to help in the task of raising our child trilingual.

The CD is very well made: it has both religious and non-religious songs, sung by a variety of different voices and you can choose if you prefer to display predominantly on the screen the lyrics or some simple animations that illustrate each song.

Once as we were playing the songs for Rajiv we noticed that he was looking at the drawings on the screen, so we put him on his tummy facing the screen - both baby and laptop on the bed - and he stayed there silently for a long time staring carefully (now maybe I am reading to much into his little focused expression...) at the figures that appeared as different songs were played.

He was quiet until we played what S. tells me is a lullaby. This is accompanied by pictures of a mother with a child and our own little one started trying to reach for the figures on the screen, pushing with his legs behind him and making cute enthusiastic noises. I think that maybe it's because he likes looking at faces, or maybe he can tell it is the picture of a baby? Or maybe he just likes the song?


nonna laura said...

... non ho capito un gan che, ma mi sembra comunque una bella cosa ... cercherò un CD di canzoncine anche in italiano, per il baby trilingual ... intanto papaveri e papere mi sembra ottimo ...

nonna laura said...

.. (continua)..
.. a proposito di cantare e parlare, io sono rimasta ferma al gh e al bh ...
.. ci sono state altre evoluzioni ?

..e poi (IMPORTANTE):
dal momento che non sono sicura di riuscire a collegarmi venerdì ..


laura said...

... tra l'altro, di già che sono qui :


come stai ????

e. said...

Nonna Laura:

Adesso dice anche "c" (c dura). Ma soprattutto fa frasi molto piu' lunghe e articolate e quando e' contento fa dei bei vocalizzi. E' molto espressivo. Se ti collegassi su skype sono sicura che sarebbe contento di fare due chiacchiere...

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