Morning madness

These photos were taken today morning before daycare. We were chatting with S. on Skype (notice the laptop on the table) and Appu was demonstrating his screaming and climbing skills to the dad - you might observe that the climbing performance was not documented by the photographer, but the screaming one was.

A casual observe might think that this is just a chaotic kitchen, but everything in fact serves a purpose. Please notice the rice-cooker box on the floor, strategically located so that little Rajiv can step on it and look at his dad on the screen - and scratch it if that's what he feels like doing. The box is also absolutely necessary to climb on the little booster seat on the chair, and from there the sky is the limit.

Why is the packet of instant noodles on the floor? Well, there would be a beatiful answer to that too, but unfortunately the time at my disposal is too short to write it.

What would you do if somebody were taking pictures of you? You would try to assault the photographer and run away with the camera, no doubt. Appu feels just the same.

More exploration of our kitchen. Please note Appu's personal pot on the floor, he likes to put in the cabinet and then take it out again. You might also wonder if that blue object is in fact a baseball bat. It is. Appu uses it sometimes to play his little piano.

After a last almost successful attempt of the subject to get at the camera, the photographer retires for the day.

We are thankful to Emiliano, but especially to Ilaria I suspect, for Rajiv's outfit.


Emiliano said...

You suspect wisely... ;-)

Anonymous said...

mi ricorda certe immagini di calvin e hobbes (è giusto come si scrive? ... forse no)
è proprio un bellissimo nipotino !!!

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