Celebrating 18

Il piccolo Rajiv compie un anno e mezzo! Per festeggiarlo abbiamo raccolto un po' di fotografie scattate nell'ultimo mese o poco piu' in momenti tipici della vita quotidiana di un kunjappu.

Our little one is one year and a half now! This gives me the perfect excuse to unload here a bunch of pictures that I was keeping aside for posts that I will never have time to write. They were all taken in the past month or so and they do capture a lot of appuness, I think, if pictures ever can...


Emiliano said...

Bellissima quella sul divano... mi mancate!

Anonymous said...

Mwwah to 18 month old Appu!

Now, can I please have those jammies that he's wearing? Pretty please with sugar on it? I covet them so!

suju said...

what, give the dino-boy jammies ? to a scandinavian defector ? for free ? never! run, dino-boy, run ..

btw, credit for the picture (sul divano) where he's hugging the ball goes to yours truly.

Anonymous said...

... sempre piĆ¹ in alto !!!



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