Foto della visita di Emiliano e Ilaria

Our friends Emiliano and Ilaria came to see us in Chennai at the beginning of January. They took some nice pictures, so I asked to borrow a few of the Rajiv-centered ones for the blog.

I nostri amici Emiliano e Ilaria sono venuti a trovarci a Chennai all'inizio di gennaio. Siccome hanno fatto un sacco di belle foto, ho chiesto di prenderne in prestito qualcuna per il blog.

The first two pictures are from our lunch at the Taj on one of the first days of the visit. It was awesome in every respect: not only the food was excellent, but the floor was carpeted and clean and the restaurant not very crowded, so we could put Rajiv on the floor to crawl happily while enjoying our food. Normally when we go out to eat we need to take turns so that somebody is always with Rajiv, so this was a nice change for once. (In the second picture I am not posing for a Coca Cola ad, I am tryng to get our little one to look up at smile attracting his attention with one of his favorite shining objects. Not so effective in this case, as you can see.)

Le prime due foto sono di un pranzo al lussuosissimo hotel Taj. Purtroppo lo sfondo e' un po' scuro e non si vede un granche' del locale. In compenso potete vedere Emiliano con Rajiv e, nella seconda foto, me che cerco di far sorridere Rajiv attirandolo con una lattina di Coca Cola, uno degli oggetti piu' ambiti.

The next pictures are from our trip to Pondicherry, in the last days of the visit.

Le prossime foto sono della nostra gita a Pondicherry, a poche ore di automobile da Chennai.

Here we were walking near the beach at night. Little one is in the carrier and we are both wrapped up in the trusted Lufthansa blanket to protect him from the wind.

Qui passeggiavamo sul lungomare di sera e abbiamo avvolto la fidata coperta attorno a me e al piccolino nel portabimbi per proteggerlo dal vento.

Here instead we were shopping, the main activity of the trip!

Qui invece si faceva shopping!

And after coming back from Pondicherry, here is Ilaria about to hit Rajiv with a big red hammer playing a bit with Rajiv before going to the airport.

E infine ecco Ilaria che cerca di colpire Rajiv con un grosso martello rosso gioca con Rajiv prima di andare in aeroporto.

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