A retro look

I have wanted to post these pictures for some time, but I was trying to write something to go with them and I never got to do that.
Anyway, the pictures are from the same time when I took
the "King of Stripes" one. These ones are a little more subdued, but still a bit too energetic for that time of the night morning...

Queste sono ancora foto del Canada. Sono della stessa mattina di quella a quattro zampe di un po' di tempo fa, come testimonia la maglietta a righe...

And to conclude, my favorite big eyes:

E per finire, i miei occhioni preferiti:


Chanda in The Disordered Cosmos said...

i am starting to see a pattern. (ahahaha) which one of you is obsessed with stripes? :)

e. said...

All these striped things are the clothes we got from Sunny, but I wish I had thought of it before! :)

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