Wrapping pictures

This is from a couple of weeks ago. Not too good, but it was my first attempt at a hip carry. He seemed fine, anyway. We went for a walk in the park and he enjoyed the view from this new position.

These ones instead are from today, with my new "Maya Sling". Again, the technique still needs improvement (the ring is not supposed to be there in the middle), but I think that we were comfortable enough. We inaugurated the new sling at the wine and cheese Friday event at the institute and I think it was a success. We were certainly the brightest!

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nonnalaura said...

ha proprio un'aria sveglia e simpatica questo scoiattolino ...

tra l'altro, tu mi sapresti dire quando passerete di nuovo di qua? In particolare, nei giorni 11, 12 e 13 dicembre ci sarete oppure no ? mi servirebbe saperlo in fretta per valutare la possibilità di partecipazione a un corso ..

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