Happily rolling

On friday, at six weeks and one day, the little one rolled over for the first time on his own. He then apparently repeated the performance the next day when his dad tried to put him to play on his tummy on the playmat instead of giving him food. Now he already is an expert roller. Sometimes we put him on his belly on a pillow on the bed, because it helps soothing him when he seems to have some belly disconfort, and he does his push-ups (see below) and then rolls away.

The little one is also smiling more frequently these days, not only in his sleep after food like he used to do, but looking straight at us (so we like to think...). Here is a rare smile for the camera:

Per gli italiani: ecco una rara immagine di Rajiv sorridente! Il piccolino comincia a sorridere piu' spesso, non solo nel sonno come faceva prima, ma anche da sveglio e guardando verso di noi. Come potete vedere ormai tiene su la testa senza troppi problemi e da venerdi' ha cominciato a rotolare: se lo mettiamo sulla pancia, lui si spinge un po' su con le braccia e poi si lascia cadere da un lato, finendo a pancia in su.


Shalini said...

what a cutie! could chew him up for breakfast.. but oops.. that would make me a cannibal!

Surprisingly early to be rolling over.. way to go Rajiva!

your most charming aunt

suju said...

weeelll, the rolling only works one way: when he's on his belly, he props himself up and sort of falls onto his back. he then ends up looking highly puzzled as to what just happened. the other way is still an impossibility at the moment. need more muscles, i say ..

laura said...

... ha un'aria proprio simpatica questo scoiattolino !!!

Emiliano said...

Wow, what a cute smile!!

I guess when I see him next time he may be already walking rather than rolling... ;-)

Kisses from Swansea!

Deepu said...

Boy has big feet. Maybe another Francesco [Totti] in the making. Hopefully, he'll be smarter though...smile.

suju said...

Deeps, I am deeply offended by your comparison to Prof. Totti. I refer you to an episode of ``Father Ted", where he explains to Dougal, the distinction between "being small" and "being far" using miniature cows :)

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