Our son (name still under debate, so let's call him "Piccolino") was born yesterday night, June 23, at 9:41. I am just posting a few pictures here, a more complete account of the events might follow later on.

We succeeded in having a home birth, so Piccolino was born on our old trusted futon in our living room. The large night gown covered blob in the picture is the mom :).

Dad cuts the cord...

... and Piccolino gets his first check up. He weighs 7 lbs 8 oz (3.4 kg) and measures 20.5 in (52 cm), if I remember correctly.

There he is, warm and cozy!

And here are the two amazing midwives who helped us out during and after the birth. Piccolino is a bit hard to spot here, but he is snuggled next to his mom.

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Shal said...

What? No comments? Where is everyone?

Piccolini is edible.If I was a dingo I would go for him:-)

And the birth looked blissful. I am glad you followed your instincts and didn't listen to worry warts like me who had sleepless nights over possible scenarios.

Am thrilled that everything has worked out so well! hugs from us in Norway.And check you mail in a few days;-)Santa is a bit early this year!

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