Siamo in Italia da una settimana. Questa e' una visita che non avevamo in programma, ma purtroppo mia zia e' stata molto male ed e' morta lunedi'. Siamo riusciti ancora a vederla e a passare un po' di tempo con lei. Sono contenta che lei abbia potuto rivedere il piccolo Appu, a cui era gia' molto affezionata. Il funerale e' domani e poi saremo in Italia ancora per un paio di settimane.

As I had mentioned previously, we traveled to Italy last week to see my aunt. She died on Monday, but we still got to see her for a few days. I am happy that she could meet again little Appu and see how well he is growing, because she loved him very much. The funeral will be tomorrow and after that we will need to stay in Italy for some more days, maybe a couple of weeks.


Meena said...

So sorry to hear that,Nora. I know what she meant to you. At least you did get to see her,and I am glad she could spend time with you and Appu. Take care.

Anonymous said...

My condolences, dear.

I know you were close. Take care of yourself and each other and remember her well tommorow.

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